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Export L/C Document Presentation

Zinum prepares and submits, by email or courier, all required L/C documents to the negotiating bank on behalf of the L/C beneficiary. Zinum emails to the L/C beneficiary copies of all documents submitted under the L/C presentation. Copies of documents can also be emailed to other parties as instructed by the beneficiary.

Export L/C Procedures Consulting

While being customer focused, Zinum is also process-oriented. Successful exporters establish a process for managing their export shipments. The process can be as simple as “Don’t ship until the L/C is received and reviewed by 1 responsible individual” to “Don’t ship until all concerned parties have reviewed the terms and signed off on the transaction.” It is important that all organizations have an established reliable process to follow. Problems with letters of credit can occur when shipment doesn’t take place on time or when shipment takes place prior to the L/C being issued. These problems won’t occur if a process is established and followed. Zinum can review and help organizations set up a successful export process that incorporates their requirements.

Electronic L/C Conversion Consulting

Zinum works with beneficiaries to have their advising bank send L/Cs electronically to them. If the beneficiary is not currently receiving L/Cs electronically, Zinum will contact the advising bank on behalf of the beneficiary and advise what steps are required to change the mode of L/C receipt. Most customers already receive bank statements and wire information online, so it is usually just a matter of adding Trade Services transactions to existing online account access.

Electronic L/C Presentation Assistance

Zinum works with advising banks to accept L/C document submissions electronically. If an advising bank is currently unable to accept letter of credit document submissions electronically, Zinum will advise them what is required and how to print documents. Zinum will also work with them to meet any specific electronic document security requirements they may have.

L/C Review-L/C Application Review

At no additional charge, Zinum will review L/Cs and L/C applications prior to issuance/shipment to ensure all terms and conditions of the L/C can be met. Zinum can recommend amendments and how they should be worded to ensure the beneficiary is L/C compliant